Real Estate Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping 101: How Real Estate Drone Mapping Can Boost Your Sales.

Real estate drone mapping is the act of acquiring aerial images through a UAV before stitching them together. Drone mapping is typically performed by an accomplished drone operator with training in the specialized mapping software necessary to perform digital stitching. Once stitched together, drone mapping provides recipients with access to key insights regarding their target, be it their business or potential property purchase.

Real estate drone mapping has come a long way since it was first introduced into the public zeitgeist, and now the team at The Drone Projects can introduce the benefits to YOUR next project.

Drone Mapping: Benefits For Your Business or Home.

The acquisition of data is required to make informed decisions and no decision requires more information than a property sale. Drone mapping provides individuals with the ability to outline boundaries, trails, potential flood zones, and any physical topographic characteristics worth noting. This is ideal for a property with significant acreage as it gives individuals the most amount of information for the least amount of effort.

What other ways can real estate drone mapping assist in a property sale?

Highlight Location — Location is everything and there is no better way to highlight it than through the air. Drone mapping gives buyers and sellers real-time access to photos, videos, and highlighted information regarding location, including boundary lines. A fantastic tool for realtors, drone mapping is a winning strategy to inspire buyers.

Unique Access — Believe it or not, real estate drone mapping still isn't a mainstream concept in the real estate industry. During the early days of drone mapping, you can impress buyers by giving them unique access to information regarding a listing that they won't find with every other home on the market.

Create a Story — Finally, drone mapping creates a story for a talented realtor or property owner to tell through imagery. Drone mapping gives buyers the information that they need to make informed decisions about the characteristics of a home.


Matterport Services

Offering Matterport Services is great for retail, showrooms, commercial, residential, and venues. Not only does it capture a 3D space, it’s an all-in-one platform that transforms real life spaces into immersive digital twin models. It empowers people to capture and connect rooms to create interactive 3D models of space. 

This technology is versatile to fit into any area of business you might be searching for. The 3D modeling allows you to provide clients with a dollhouse view and gives a more real life perspective of the space. The easy access is what makes the process stress free since clients are able to walk through the properties on a tablet or phone at any time or from anywhere in the world. 

To learn more about how Matterport Services can help you, fill out an inquiry on their website under “Contact Us”.