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One of MANY! ways Drones are Used

I have been wanting to write a post on the uses of Drones for the different fields and aspects of life, however, after brainstorming, pondering, and lots of day-dreaming, I realize that a post would not be enough, for one could write BOOKS regarding this topic.

Nevertheless, I will continue to write on this topic for it is so intriguing yet sometimes humorous, and other times freightening to see the ways others have employed this new technologies.

So let's jump on one that I just read about recently, this one made news all around the world, or at least in the Drone fanatics world, and just to clarify, The Drone Projects and its team members in no way supports or condones such usage, we are only showing one of the many uses that Drones have had in society.

Recently, a so-far, un-identified individual(s), equipped a recreational Drone into an explosive device. That's right, EXPLOSIVE. Now that is a dangerous and quite intimidating thought. Drones already carry a stigma of danger, un-easiness, and fear to say the least so this definitely does not help the Drone pilot communities. I will be sharing a recent engaging that could have cost my life at the hands of a man, all because of my Drone.

This attack was carried in Venezuela and it targeted its President Nicolas Maduro, which was unharmed after the explosions.

This is part of the tensions in Venezuela between its citizens and government.

Such as so many other new technologies, Drones open doors to many venues in several different areas that influence our daily lives both for the good and regrettably also for the bad.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages as we will continue to post on the many, and I mean MANY, uses of Drones.

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