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A Summary Of The History Of Drones.

DJI'S Mavic PRO.

If you haven't yet noticed, our business works with Drones. So we figure it was proper to start our blog with the History of these gadgets. Many people love them, many others hate them, and others still do not know what they are or where they came from, but our friends from Interesting Engineering wrote an article ( that teaches where Drones begun and what they have become to be today.

You would be shocked to know that Drones, or at least the concept of them, traces back to the mid 1800's..... Am I the only one that is very confused by that? Well at least the idea of a Drone used for war was used back then even though it looked nothing like what a drone looks like today, but with time, the applications began to change and to broaden, as well as the way they look.

Military Drone.

Many times when I hear the word "Drone" I think of my little Mavic, or my bulky Phantom, but in reality, the word "Drone" is quite broad. Military Drones are no science fiction, they are currently employed by country's military, all around the world.

Drones are here, and they are here to stay, they have changed the way we see the world, they have opened a whole new field of opportunities, they have dared our imaginations to grow as high as the FAA allows us to go, and overall, they are some really fun toys, but please always be careful and follow the FAA rules for your area.

Creds: Jose Aguilar.
DTLA from K-Town.

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